About Me

Videographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

I grew up in a small village in central Italy, between mountains, snow and clean air; I soon realized that creating videos was not a simple pastime but my biggest passion.

I studied film making at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2008; I changed several cities to transform my passion to work, making shorts, spots, and working for television, until I found myself shooting my first wedding film: the emotion i felt at that moment and the fact that through my pictures I could return an indelible and authentic memory to the couple, carried me to the wedding film world, while continuing to work as a filmmaker for companies and events.

I work with my collaborators for all the creative process of the film: from ideation, filming, to editing; My main passions are cinema, TV series, music and technology.

I love good food, slow or fast, I love Brunello di Montalcino wine and Tuscany, I love the mountain, especially when there is so much snow and I love the sea but only if there is no confusion; I can not live without coffee and i love spending time creating big immaginative stories with my half.

Storytelling is the art of telling a story: I talked to you about my own, now it is time to tell yours.

You can find my works on